Michael Halberstam

Illinois Theatre alumnus Michael Halberstam (BFA 1986) was honored with a Special Joseph Jefferson Award at the 2016 Equity Jeff Awards ceremony on October 17. A statement released by the Joseph Jefferson Awards Committee honored Halberstam for “outstanding theatrical accomplishments and contributions to Chicagoland theatre for the past 25 years.” Founder and artistic director of Writers Theatre (which has received more than 100 Jeff Award nominations and 26 awards), Halberstam himself has received seven nominations: five as a director, one as an actor, and one as an adapter. Writers Theatre, which originated in the back room of a bookstore, opened its new beautiful facility last February.


New City Stage (Chicago) just released its “Fifty People Who Really Perform for Chicago”

Michael Halberstam (BFA), artistic director of Writers Theatre, is ranked number 1.