If design, technology, or stage management is your primary interest, please bring a portfolio showing examples of the work you have done. When you come to the interview, you do not need to have made a decision about which specific design or technology area is your primary interest. This portfolio can show your range of interests.

If you are interested in design, the portfolio might include sketches, drawings, or drafting; photos of costumes, scenery, or properties you have built or helped to prepare; publicity material; or art projects or photography from your art classes.

Those more interested in technology can include any of the previously mentioned material they have available. Other related information such as forms, schedules, or drawings made on a computer are also helpful.

Stage managers might present prompt scripts or other material related to their work.

The faculty recognizes that many students have not been able to document extensively their experience and encourages students with a strong interest in these areas to come to the interview with the material they have available. Passion, commitment, intelligence, and imagination can be as important as extensive experience.

The portfolio should include a resume listing your theatrical experience and educational background. Special skills, hobbies, employment history, awards, and other relevant information can also be included.


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