Zev Steinberg658Zev Steinrock (Steinberg) is a professional actor, fight director, and movement teacher. Professor Steinrock comes to us from Michigan State University, where he completed his MFA in Acting along with certifications in teaching yoga and for college teaching. Zev has taught numerous stage combat courses, comic improvisation, acting, and helped develop online courses designed to engage theatrical forms in new and innovative ways. After earning his BFA in Acting from Illinois Theatre in 2008, Prof. Steinrock spent several years as an actor and fight director for a variety of professional Theatre including Shattered Globe in Chicago and the renowned Paper Mill Playhouse in New Jersey. He is also a founding member of Chicago’s rising Brown Paper Box Theatre, founded by Illinois Theatre alumni in 2011.

Prof. Steinrock recently published an article on techniques for “acting the fight” in Fight Master, the journal of the Society of American Fight Directors (SAFD). Professor Steinrock is a Certified Teacher with the Society of American Fight Directors, and serves on the governing body. In addition to his ongoing research and teaching in combat, movement, and acting, Prof. Steinrock has been recognized twelve times for his artistic work in Michigan, in Chicago, and by the SAFD. In 2011, Prof. Steinrock was honored by SAFD with its Paddy Crean Award, which is presented to someone believed to be an emerging leader in fight direction.

Zev is currently serving as the international workshop coordinator with Intimacy Directors International and is hosting the first ever international workshop for the training of intimacy choreographers happening the summer of 2018 at the Krannert Center.


Email: wzsteinb@illinois.edu