MFA in Media Design & Technology

Art + Technology = Design

The artistic process and mastery of technology are inseparable and of equal importance in becoming a Media Designer for live performance. Both are cultivated with equal rigor and emphasis in our program.


Production photo of priest addressing soldiers

What to expect-

Students create media and projections for resident productions in Theater, Dance and Lyric Theatre as well as installation and multidisciplinary works. There are numerous opportunities to design for more than 13 resident productions in our 3 theater spaces each season. Students are immersed in a rich production environment with opportunities to work side by side with peers, faculty, and guest directors and designers.

We work ardently to build a bridge to the professional theatre network in Chicago and beyond through Guest Directors, Portfolio Review, and faculty contacts. Our grads typically have enjoyed active, successful careers upon graduation.

For more information please contact John Boesche, program chair, at

Production photo of priest addressing soldiers

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